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Greensboro Yoga

Nude yoga with CYNA is an inclusive and accessible experience for all young peoples'. We strive each class to connect you to your body at a deeper level while building a community of likeminded individuals. 

Instructor - Eugene

Eugene, a 36-year-old yoga instructor originally from Maryland and is a resident of McLeansville, NC. He is a dedicated family man with a passion for yoga that transcends the physical and delves deep into the realms of mental and spiritual well-being. Although relatively new to instructing, Eugene's personal journey into yoga began six years ago and has since transformed his life.


Married and a proud father of three wonderful kids, Eugene understands the importance of balance and self-care in the midst of life's demands. His yoga practice, spanning five years, has become his sanctuary—a place where he finds profound peace, solace, and rejuvenation.


What sets Eugene apart in his yoga journey is his unique approach to the practice. He has discovered that practicing yoga in the nude adds an extraordinary element of freedom. This liberating experience temporarily frees individuals from the shackles of societal judgments and breaks through the constructs and implicit biases associated with socioeconomic status, race, and religion. Eugene believes that, in this vulnerability, people find a deeper connection to themselves and one another, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate community.


As Eugene embarks on his journey as a yoga instructor with CYNA, he brings not only his technical expertise but also a profound understanding of the transformative power of yoga. His classes promise to be a space where students can discover physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional liberation—a holistic approach to wellness that is sure to resonate with those seeking to enrich their lives through yoga.

Host - Grace

Welcome to Embodhi Yoga Studio


Born in Greensboro, NC., my yoga practice began while living in Atlanta, GA.  There I experienced a corporate career, marriage, motherhood, and sisterhood.  Later learning how to cope with being a caretaker for my mother while divorcing, l searched for self-awareness and happiness.  Being an athlete majority of my life, I desired an exertion or an "out" playing sports had previously given me.  


Moving back home to NC, I obtained my certification and gained new prospective.  Yoga changed my life.  Being on my mat has forced me to sit with myself, learn who I am, while sculpting who and what I would like to become.  Creating a space for people to learn, share, and deepen their practice brings me sheer happiness.  


Whether you crave something different, want to see what the 'hype" is about, learn meditation, promote health, or create flexibility.  It's all yoga, and all here for you!

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