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Community Agreements

Holding Hands

Consent is key

Violations will not be tolerated. Consent is an agreement between two or more people to engage in an interaction. Members will not send unsolicited messages or advances, touch, or comment about someone's body. Photography is not allowed unless with expressed permission.

Membership criteria

Membership is limited to ages 18 - 45 and their partners/family. We will not discriminate based on body type, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, religious preferences.

Sitting by Campfire
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We value respect

CYNA members will not engage in language or behavior that would cause others to feel unwelcome or embarrassed including but not limited to - extreme intoxication, abusive language, possession of a firearm, commenting on someone's physical appearance, weight, scars, piercings, or clothing without permission. Treat others the way they want to be treated.

We practice clothing optional

CYNA encourages social nudity and naturist philosophy expecting members and guests are here to practice social nudity. We understand newcomers may take a while to adjust and feel comfortable. We acknowledge clothing may be affirming to a member’s gender or bodily functions (ex: menstruation management or gender affirming items). Members will not pressure or ask another member to remove clothing.

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We encourage body neutrality

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We value an open forum to connect with our bodies, sexuality and self-image that is accessible and free of shame for all. We encourage open and honest conversation about body image and hope to foster an environment of body neutrality. Members will limit overt sexual expressions (kissing, flirting, etc), as they would in any public setting, in order to explore new ways of relating through social nudity. We recognize the journey to body acceptance is an individual process and hope members can grow within a shared philosophy.
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We are family friendly

Member's partners and family may attend events as guests regardless of age. Not all events are suitable for those under 18. Designated events will be labeled "family friendly" in the group description. As with any public event, anyone under the age of 18 is required to be supervised by a guardian at all times. Please notify a group admin if you intend to bring anyone who is not a member.

We protect our privacy

Names, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal address, location of events and personal identifiers are not to be released to anyone outside of club membership or CYNA hosts. Guests of members are the responsibility of the inviting member and expected to be aware of all guidelines prior to attending events.

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See something?

What do to
If you experience or witness a rule violation at an event, notify an admin ASAP. This can be done through direct message on this site or by filling out the form below. Your privacy will be respected.

Thank you, we will be in contact with further instructions.

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